December 09, 2006

Cameron, maybe he's just lying?

There has been a lot of criticism of 'Call me Dave' Cameron. But maybe, just maybe he is actually just a lying little shit that would pimp his own grandmother if it got him a millimeter closer to power. Maybe he doesn't believe, and more importantly has little intention of implementing should he get power, the gash he is dribbling over the press. I give you a couple bits of evidence to back this up, first Steven Pollard quoting part of a Cameron speech:
Well, I've read David Cameron's remarks in Brussels, and credit where it's due. It's superb stuff - spot on in most respects:
Last year the EU made helping lift Africa out of poverty a priority. But many of the EU's policies are making poverty in developing countries worse. The EU remains committed to a largely unreformed CAP, an economic and humanitarian disaster which pushes up food prices for the poorest people in Europe and helps lock the developing world in poverty. And the EU still has higher trade barriers against poor countries than it does against rich. That's not good enough and it needs to change.
Great stuff, if so glaringly obvious that even the more pro-EU consider CAP to be something akin to a "pus-dribbling wart on the face of a beloved aunt" that needs to be got rid of.

Then there is this by Johann Hari on what the experience of lefties that Cameron is using to get his media buz and generate his 'not the conservative party' image.
Given that there are so few policies to assess, it’s tempting to rely on anecdotes to assess Cameron’s true nature.

I have spoken to two of the most famous left-liberals who were invited to speak at Cameron’s first Tory Party conference. One of them says, “I think he’s a very good PR man, but on the basis of what I saw I don’t think he means a word of it. He didn’t know what he was talking about when he was trying to praise my work. He kept making pretty basic mistakes. He didn’t even seem particularly intelligent.”

Another – brought in to speak on one of Cameron’s headline rebranding issues – says, “To be fair, they didn’t even really pretend to be interested. There were no questions, no intellectual curiosity. And as for the members in the hall… at several points I was worried they had actually died.”
So a lying shit with the moral inhibitions of Hannibal Lecter that will do anything for column inches? Or Blairite true believer that has seen the light and is boldly leading his party into a Blue Labour future? He still has three years till the general elections so perhaps it is still too early to tell.


Blogger MatGB said...

Oh, it's all manouvre. I never did write that post I was working on, it got so big, but basically he has to move the party to where he's trying to put it in order to have a chance.

Labour has captured the 'centre' on the old left/right thing, so he needs to try to fight for that, but also have a distinctive message, ergo he's trying to be 'liberal', but in reality can be a lot less liberal than me and thee, as all he needs to be is more liberal than NuLab. Which, let's face it, isn't hard work.

He's about as honest as Blair. I suspect he'll be less succesful, but it's the only chance the Tories have. And then, after they're in power, they'll start losing seats to UKIP et all in the safe areas, but hold up in the marginals, same as Labour does now.

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